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Hi, I’m Syed Hassan Ali
Full Stack Software Engineer.

An analytical IT Engineer and creative solution strategist with strong knowledge of Object Oriented and Declarative Programming. Quickly masters new software technologies. Highly motivated to create and work on diverse projects by being a key member of any team.

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3+ Years of Experience



Master Degree of Global Software Development

Fulda University of Applied Sciences (2020 - 2022)

• Cloud Computing
• Machine Learning
• Distributed Database and Transaction systems
• User Centered Development
• Programming Pradigm
• Distributed Database and Transaction Systems
• Model Driven Development
• Parallel Programming
• Global Distributed Software Development
• Test Oriented Development
• Intercultural Communication
• Building Web and Mobile Application

Bachelor Degree of Computer Science

University of Karachi, Pakistan (2014 - 2017)

Strong Concepts in Software Engineering, Project Management, General Programming, Object Oriented Programming and Database Design and Architecture.
• OOP(Java)
• Database System (SQL)
• Data structures (Java)
• Networking
• Artificial Intelligence
• Machine Learning
• Operating System
• Computer Architecture
• Distributed Database Systems
• Design and Analysis of Algorithms
• Computer Graphics
• System Design

Intermediate (Pre-Engineering)

Govt .Degree College Stadium Road, Karachi(2011 - 2013)

Job Experience

Full Stack Software Engineer (Master’s Internship) (TypeScript, Angular, C#, .NET)

Agilent Technologies R&D and Marketing GmbH & Co. KG. (OCT 2021 – MAY 2022 )

• My core responsibility is to develop and maintain a frontend portal to control the IOT instruments using (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular).
• Developed a backend API’s on .Net that will communicate with physical instruments through web sockets.
• Worked with OPC Unified Architecture.

Werkstudent Front End Engineer (JavaScript, TypeScript, React, PHP)

Creativ Cult GmbH (SEP 2020 – MAR 2021)

• My core responsibility is to develop a frontend of online food delivery portal.
• Developed and maintain a WordPress and old Laravel (PHP) project.
• Customized their web pages using (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and React).

Full Stack Software Engineer (TypeScript, Angular, React, C#, .NET, Node)

Codebase Technologies (JAN 2018 – JUL 2020)

• Worked with frontend of Banking Application using (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular and Ionic).
• Develop, test, and deliver clean, production-ready code.
• Experience with software design principles, SOLID, Clean code and Clean architecture.
• Customized their webpages using (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular and React).
• Developed and integrate restful API’s on .Net and Node.js.
• Handled JSON and XML.
• Developed websites in ASP.NET MVC.
• Responsible for SQL Queries and Entity framework.
• Worked under Agile SDLC.


Contact With Me

  • PHONE+49 159 06404117
  • LOCATIONGermany